• Mobile Wellness

    Reach your members on-the-go and keep them engaged with our innovative mobile health apps.

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  • Global Wellness

    Our best-in-class global capabilities are designed to unite your entire workforce around healthy living.

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  • Wearable Wellness

    Offer your members a popular wireless activity tracking device or let them connect their own.

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  • Financial Wellness

    Reward your employees through the power of behavioral economics and our real-time incentives platform.

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Boost Engagement

80% say ShapeUp makes them more likely to also join other wellness initiatives


American Journal of Public Health

We're significantly increasing weight loss outcomes by incorporating proven behavioral strategies into our corporate wellness platform.

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Preventive Medicine

Our approach to promoting physical activity is contagious, spreading increased exercise from person-to-person across large populations.

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Health is social.

Our innovative solution engages large segments of populations, drives measurable health improvement, and transforms company culture.

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