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ShapeUp connects your employees, programs, and rewards to maximize wellbeing.

How It Works

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Our Social Wellness™ solution provides a revolutionary approach to employee wellness that uses trusted social networks, behavioral economics, and engaging technology to deliver a holistic wellbeing solution to employers worldwide.

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Connectivity empowers holistic wellbeing

Sustainable Engagement

We leverage social networks to create self-sustaining wellness momentum through social accountability. Your employees return again and again.

Meaningful Outcomes

ShapeUp’s Social Wellness program has been clinically proven in several medical journals. Our flavor of wellness works.

Unified Culture

By providing wellness benefits that your employees actually enjoy, your company will be reinforced and re-centered around healthy values.

Revitalized Workforce

A happy employee is a productive employee. ShapeUp empowers your workforce and inspires teamwork—advancing your business.

Built upon the latest research on behavior change, ShapeUp’s programming is designed to reach all of your employees. We have something for everyone.


ShapeUp’s Social WellnessTM solution begins with team, group, and peer-to-peer wellness competitions. Challenges spark excitement

Wellbeing Programs

Our 52-week wellbeing programs, focused on weight loss, nutrition, and stress, help employees create lifelong healthy habits.

Mobile Ecosystem

Your employees can have it all: our solution is fully integrated with over 100 of the best health apps and fitness devices in the market.


ShapeUp’s integrated incentives management system uses behavioral economics to promote sustained healthy behavior change.


ShapeUp’s solution is available in 25 languages and is currently deployed in 138 countries around the world.

Comprehensive Approach

Our biometric testing, health assessment, and coaching products breathe new life into traditional interventions.

See how it all comes together

We work with companies to design programs optimized for their unique employee population.

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TEDTALK with Dr. Rajiv Kumar

ShapeUp began when Dr. Kumar noticed that longterm healthy success was linked to social support. Hear the full story.

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