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7 Resolutions for Healthier Employees

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Watch this webinar to learn how to kickstart your year by helping employees tackle their most sought-after resolution: Losing weight and getting fit. Read more

Heart Health & Your Employees

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Review the scientific underpinnings of heart disease and ways employers can help their populations prevent or manage it on this webinar from ShapeUp and the AHA. Read more

The Recipe for Year-Round Engagement

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Perfect your engagement. This white paper will teach you how to increase your employees' appetite for wellness in 3 simple steps. Read more

The Key ingredient to a Successful Wellness Program

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Don't leave employees scratching their heads! Get this guide and learn to tailor your wellness offering to your company goals! Read more

Apple to Apples

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Learn how to drive outcomes and achieve program success by integrating components and guiding employees through a meaningful journey to improve health and wellbeing. Read more

Building a Wellness Champions Network

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Discover our step-by-step methodology for creating a team you can count on to whip your wellness program into shape and set the stage for a successful champions network. Read more

6 Secrets to Wellness Engagement

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Explore six simple best practices that will drive engagement in your eligible employee populations and improve the metrics of your employee wellness initiatives. Read more

Social Wellness Challenges Made Easy

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Learn to work smarter not harder with social wellness and start making dramatic improvements in your wellness program today. Read more

Open Enrollment Action Plan

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Annual open enrollment offers employers the unique opportunity to engage employees in a dialogue about health and promote the goals of your organization. Read more

Social Wellness Outcomes

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Your wellness program is only as successful as its outcomes! Uncover the amazing findings of several third-party research studies conducted on ShapeUp participants. Read more

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